Tell Them Why They Matter

Send a heartfelt video gift full of messages from friends and family. It's easy to use and its free to try.

Make someone feel extra special on their birthday by surprising them with a Tribute Video

What better way to say I love you? A Memwah Tribute lets family and friends share their favourite memories and stories about someone special.

It's perfect for any occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, farewells and even retirement parties. Here are some tributes videos made with Memwah.

Father’s Day Tribute video

Father’s Day Tribute

"I made this Fathers Day tribute for my super hero Dad. He loved it so much he cried happy tears" - Layla

Life Story Video video

Life Story Video

"This legacy video is a gift for my grandchildren. They’ll know where they came from and how much they are loved” - Jenny

Graduation Tribute video

Graduation Tribute

"Seeing these messages of support from mates around the world is genuinely the best gift I could’ve asked for" - Lukas

Annual Birthday video

Annual Birthday

“I can’t wait to see how she answers these questions next year” - Lukas

40th Birthday Tribute video

40th Birthday Tribute

“This was truly one of the most thoughtful and meaningful gifts I’ve ever received - Marjiana

70th Birthday Tribute video

70th Birthday Tribute

"Seeing my grandchildren in this Tribute filled me with pride" - George

How it works

Memwah makes recording tribute videos easy. Record your message in just 4 simple steps.

We ask you thought-provoking questions, record your answers and compile your stories in a memorable video to share.

Select questions and invite contributors

Think of what you would like to say. Choose from our list of questions or add your own. Invite your family or friends to contribute.

Record your answers

Now it’s time to record your answers. Select the question you would like to answer. Record, review, retake and save. It’s that easy!

Watch and review

Watch your answers and select the stories or messages you want in the final video. You have the power to create the perfect gift for your loved one.

Compile and share

Press “compile” and wait for Memwah to combine the answers into a video. Send to your treasured family member or friend!

Memwah's video tributes are easy, personal, and shareable.

Features include

Rich Question Selection: Over 100 question prompts available, with the freedom to edit or create your own.
Custom Invites: Write a personal message to your storyteller inviting them to record their answers and we’ll send it on the date you specify.
Review & Retake: Ensure perfection by reviewing and redoing recordings as needed.
One-Click Compilation: With one click Memwah compiles all the responses together into one video with story and question titles.
Edit: Want to shuffle the responses? Use our editor to select which videos make the final cut.
Share Your Tribute with the World: After creating a tribute, generate a public link to share it with your special someone, and even post it on social media for friends and family to enjoy.
Complimentary Stories: Begin with up to 5 free stories.
Mobile-Ready Recording: Conveniently record or upload videos on the go.
Time-Saving Recording Limit: Keep contributions concise with a 2-minute maximum per response.
Memwah's Video Tributes are Easy, Personal, and Shareable. tips on recording video story on Memwah

Crafting a meaningful video gift

Memwah is a versatile platform that caters to a wide range of occasions, helping you create a unique gift or a legacy that shows your loved ones with they matter.

Here are some of the perfect moment to use Memwah:

Birthday Tributes for Friends

Make birthdays memorable with personalised tributes. Gather heartfelt messages, funny anecdotes, and best wishes from friends and family to create a birthday tribute that shows how much they matter.

Group Wedding Gift

Every engagement story is unique. Commemorate this special journey with a group wedding gift from Memwah. Collect messages of love, joy, and well-wishes to celebrate the couple's special day in a way they'll never forget.

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Our teachers have shown remarkable resilience in challenging times, dedicating themselves to shaping the future of Australian students. Show your appreciation with a Memwah tribute, a meaningful gift that acknowledges their hard work and dedication.

Annual Birthday Interviews for Kids

Children grow up quickly, and capturing their changing personalities and thoughts is priceless. Memwah offers a fun and meaningful way to record annual birthday interviews with kid-friendly questions. Preserve the essence of their growing years in a way photos alone can't.

Farewells and Retirement Gifts

Bid farewell or celebrate retirement with a touching tribute. Collect messages of gratitude, funny stories, and best wishes from colleagues and friends to create a keepsake that honors their contributions and marks a new chapter in their life.

Graduation Tributes

Graduation are significant milestones, whether from kindergarten, primary school, or high school. These moments mark both an achievement and the beginning of a new chapter. With Memwah, you can capture your childs thought on their accomplishments and feelings about the exciting journey ahead.

Why record your life story on videos?

There is no better way to celebrate your loved ones than recording a meaningful video they’ll remember forever.

To tell your loved ones how you feel

A tribute video is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give. Tell your loved ones how you really feel and give them a gift they’ll cherish forever.

To learn, connect and understand

Everyone wants to feel heard and understood. Stories encourage empathy and foster deeper connections to the people you love the most.

To share your family history

Record your story and leave your legacy. By sharing your story, you help future generations connect with your family history.

To ask the important questions

Ask your family the important questions before it’s too late. You can send Memwah to your family members and record their stories too.

how-to video Tips for recording your first tribute video

Memwah is easy to use. There are no apps or complicated programs. We guide you step by step. Watch our video to learn more.

Capture your business story

Simplify your next awards submission, onboard new hires or connect with employees remotely.

Gather the thoughts and opinions of your staff globally by using Memwah as a virtual Vox Pop. Get a deeper understanding of your staff and customers by asking targeted questions.

Every business started with a story. What's yours?

Memwah is great for a business story tips on recording video story on Memwah