Make Memories Last Forever

The easiest way to record your life story and keep your memories alive.

Preserving memories is easier than ever before

With Memwah, you can now record your life stories and backup your memories for future generations.

Document your life story through our seamless Life Story Video Maker. Our questions prompt you or your loved one to share the memories worth recording.

It’s quick and easy. No video skills necessary! Record your life story here.

How it works

Memwah asks you thought-provoking questions, records your answers and compiles your stories in a memorable family video you can treasure for years to come.

Select questions and invite contributors

Think of what you would like to say. Choose from our list of questions or add your own. Invite your family or friends to contribute.

Record your answers

Now it’s time to record your answers. Select the question you would like to answer. Record, review, retake and save. It’s that easy!

Watch and review

Watch your answers and select the stories or messages you want in the final video. You have the power to create the perfect gift for your loved one.

Compile and share

Press “compile” and wait for Memwah to combine the answers into a video. Send to your treasured family member or friend!

Why record a life story video?

There is no better way to celebrate your loved ones than recording a meaningful video they’ll remember forever.

To share your family history

Record your story and leave your legacy. By sharing your story, you help future generations connect with your family history.

To tell your loved ones how you feel

A life story video is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give. Tell your loved ones how you really feel and give them a gift they’ll cherish forever.

To ask the important questions

Ask your family the important questions before it’s too late. You can send Memwah to your family members and record their stories too.

To learn, connect and understand

Everyone wants to feel heard and understood. Stories encourage empathy and foster deeper connections to the people you love the most.
Record your family stories with Memwah

Record your family history

Don’t let your family’s stories go untold. Give the gift of a life story to your parents and grandparents.

Ask thought-provoking questions, record their answers and keep their memories alive.

Download 10 Questions You Should Ask Your Parents

Get to know your parents while they’re still around

Want to start a meaningful conversation with your parents? Ask your parents questions, record their answers and treasure their memories forever.

Download 10 Questions You Should Ask Your Parents free here.

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Tammie Winward Memwah story

It all began with a story

Hi, I’m Tammie. I’m the founder of Memwah.

Since starting this journey, I’ve realised how important it is for your family and friends to know how you feel about them.

I encourage you to tell your loved ones why you admire them, what you have learned from them, and how being a part of their life has changed you for the better.

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