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The easiest way to record your life story and keep your memories alive.

Never forget a look, a laugh or that story. Record your life story on video

Memwah Life Story Video Maker is the perfect solution for those who have always dreamed of writing their memoirs but never found the time or motivation to start-now, effortlessly capture your life story on video and create a lasting legacy with ease. 

Our Life Story Video Maker makes it easier than ever to document your cherished memories, especially during significant life moments or when time is precious, such as during palliative care and aged care.

Instead of grappling with what to write and where to start, our easy-to-use program guides you or your loved one through a series of thought-provoking questions, records your responses and compiles them into a life story video, bringing forth memories worth preserving.

With video, there's no need to worry about writing skills or formatting; simply speak from the heart and let your stories unfold naturally.

It's quick and easy.  No downloading any apps. No video skills necessary! 

How it works

Memwah asks you thought-provoking questions, records your answers and compiles your stories in a memorable family video you can treasure for years to come.

Select questions and invite contributors

Think of what you would like to say. Choose from our list of questions or add your own. Invite your family or friends to contribute.

Record your answers

Now it’s time to record your answers. Select the question you would like to answer. Record, review, retake and save. It’s that easy!

Watch and review

Watch your answers and select the stories or messages you want in the final video. You have the power to create the perfect gift for your loved one.

Compile and share

Press “compile” and wait for Memwah to combine the answers into a video. Send to your treasured family member or friend!

The Memwah advantage over Storyworth

Hear the Laughter, See the Smiles: With Memwah, you don't just remember words. You can hear the laughter, see the smiles, and feel the emotions of the storyteller. We preserve not just the story, but the personality and spirit of the individual.
Quick, Easy, and Personal: Unlike Storyworth, which takes a year and requires adept writing skills, Memwah offers a quick and intuitive solution. Anyone with a mobile phone can capture and share their life story in moments.
Your Story, Your Way: There’s no need for lengthy writing or waiting. Share your story as it comes to you - spontaneously, authentically, and uniquely yours.
Relive Memories Where They Happened: Memwah enables you to record your story right where it unfolded. Reminisce about your childhood while standing in front of the house you grew up in, or share a cherished memory holding up a photograph that means the world to you.
Memwah's Video Tributes are Easy, Personal, and Shareable.
Life Story Video video

Life Story Video

"This legacy video is a gift for my grandchildren. They’ll know where they came from and how much they are loved” - Jenny

Why record your life story on Video?

Video captures more than words ever can—it preserves the sound of your loved one’s laughter, the brightness of their smile, or the comforting tone of their voice. Recording your life story on video allows you to express yourself, share anecdotes, and recount cherished moments in a format that truly reflects your personality.

Accessible. Affordable. Unforgettable.

No need to pay for an expensive film crew or have the discomfort of a stranger in your home. With Memwah, you can record your story surrounded by family and friends, using our straightforward platform. It's an affordable way to document your legacy on your own terms, all for less than $100.

Memoirs are no longer just for celebrities or writers

Memoirs aren't just for the rich and famous anymore. With Memwah, you can comfortably record your life story from home, turning memories into a personal legacy that speaks in your voice and shares your unique journey.

Never be forgotten

Don't become a name and date on a family tree. Record your story and help future generations connect with you and your family history.

Ask the important questions

Capture the stories and wisdom of a lifetime before it's too late; ask the meaningful questions now and preserve the answers with Memwah, ensuring that no crucial memory or lesson is ever lost to time.

So put the kettle on, make yourself a cuppa and let our questions lead you down memory lane.

Record your family stories with Memwah

Recording advice for future milestones

For those in palliative care, aged care or facing life's uncertainties, missing out on future milestones is a common fear.

Memwah provides a way to be part of those significant moments by recording advice and messages of love. Whether it's guidance on love, managing finances, or words of encouragement, your voice can be there for your loved ones on their wedding day, graduation, or any major event in their lives, offering comfort and advice when it's needed most.

Supporting aged care onboarding process

Memwah is helping bridge the gap between families and carers in palliative care, aged care and in-home support by providing a heartfelt introduction to every resident's life story.
Memwah invites families to create a video memoir that nurses and caregivers can watch to truly understand the individuals they're supporting. It's a tool that goes beyond names and medical information—it's about knowing the person, their journey, and their essence.
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Memwah's Video Tributes are Easy, Personal, and Shareable. tips on recording video story on Memwah
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Get to know your parents while they’re still around

Want to start a meaningful conversation with your parents? Ask your parents questions, record their answers and treasure their memories forever.

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Since starting this journey, I’ve realised how important it is for your family and friends to know how you feel about them.

I encourage you to tell your loved ones why you admire them, what you have learned from them, and how being a part of their life has changed you for the better.

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