Capturing Stories Of Those You Love The Most

Memwah is a Video Gift Maker that records stories and combines them into a memorable video you can treasure.

Create a video gift that'll go down as the best present ever *

Memwah's Video Gift Maker is the easiest way to record and compile a Tribute Video yourself or turn a loved ones story into a Video Memoir to remember.

*Warning, giving a Tribute Video or a Life Story Video may induce tears of joy.


A tribute video will make you the most popular person in the room, because it makes you the most thoughtful person in the room.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Baby Showers, Retirement…you name it you can gift it.

Create a tribute video for your family or friends, give them a gift they'll never forget.

Life Stories

Gift a life story video to your parents and grandparents so their stories don't go untold.

Memwah asks thought -provoking questions and compiles their answers into a memorable video which you can preserve forever... or at least until we invent time travel!

Record their life story today for a memory that lasts forever.

Frequently asked questions

Is Memwah easy to use?
Yes! We have designed the platform so everyone can use it. We give you step-by-step instructions and are here to guide you if you need further support.
How long do I have to answer each question?
You have a maximum of two minutes for each question. Some answers may not need that long, so you can stop recording whenever you’re finished.
What occasions suit video gifts?
Memwah suits all occasions. You can record videos for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, milestones, farewells and more!
How many questions should I include?
It depends on the length of the video. We give you suggestions. You can also add more questions and delete ones you don’t want later.
Can I record a story for myself?
Of course! You can record your own story to keep yourself or send it to recipients.
Who should I address in the video?
The person who will be receiving the video. Remember to talk to your loved ones, not about them. Addressing your audience directly will make the video more meaningful.
How much does a tribute video gift maker cost?
You get your first tribute free! You can see our other prices here.
Can I have more than one collaborator?
Yes. Memwah allows you to choose more than one storyteller, so your whole family can record their stories.
Download 10 Questions You Should Ask Your Parents

Get to know your parents while they’re still around

Want to start a meaningful conversation with your parents? Ask your parents questions, record their answers and treasure their memories forever.

Download 10 Questions You Should Ask Your Parents free here.

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