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Ideas & Inspiration The secret to truly thoughtful gifts

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Let’s be honest – present buying can be a challenge. We want to get people something they’ll like, but we also want it to be surprising and unexpected. There are concerns around buying people more ‘stuff’, and really, as we all get older we tend to be more and more particular about what stuff we like and want to fill our houses with. And contrary to popular belief, splurging big dollars does not necessarily equate to a meaningful gift. 
Consider the receiver
Who are you planning a gift for? What do you know makes them laugh, smile or feel all warm and fuzzy inside? If you had to make a list of 5 values that mean the most to them, what would that list look like?
Consider your relationship
Have you known each other for a long time? Did you meet at work or through mutual friends? What are the stories that make up your experiences with one another? That is where the true substance of our relationships exists!
These considerations lead us to create Memwah! And it has consistently delivered special moments to people’s loved ones. And those moments continue to give. What do we mean when we say that?
Thoughtful gifts show you care and deepen your relationship
Rather than buying something that is the new hot hip thing, a thoughtful gift (like a well thought out and out together video message) shows that you are very in tune with this relationship. It shows you pay attention, and that you truly value it in your life.
Your personal touch will be completely unique
No two relationships are the same. Which means no one can recreate something that stems from your unique relationship - with all its complexities, and wonderful memories.

Thoughtful gifts give the best gift-giving endorphin buzz
Giving gifts is such a buzz! And when you see someone really enjoying something you have put careful time, energy and love into – that endorphin rush truly leaves you glowing!
We’ve done our very best to make sharing your stories with each other, and turning those priceless memories into a personalised video gift for your nearest and dearest. Check out how you can create a unique and memorable experience easily with Memwah!

Ready to record your story?

Video storytelling was never that easy. Add as many questions as you want and start telling your story now.

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Tammie Winward

Tammie Winward

Founder, Memwah

Is on a mission to let people know they matter. She firmly believes that every story deserves to be heard and is dedicated to ensuring that no tale goes untold.