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How-To The best set up for recording a video tribute

Lady creating a video tribute on Memwah

Have you ever recorded a video message or video tribute, and been so proud of what you said and the way you spoke, only to realise that in parallel with everyone else’s message it looks like you’ve recorded in the dark?

Maybe you’ve been half way through that story about how you and your best friend snuck out in the middle of the night to go to that Iron Maiden concert, only to realise that your laptop battery light is bright red and about to call it quits. Something like that?

For a great video recording you just need clear audio, lighting and you - but preparation is key! That’s why we’ve compiled our top 6 essentials to run through before hitting that record button, so that you can avoid as many issues as possible.

Find a quiet room without distractions

Are you going to be interrupted when the kids storm home from school? Is someone going to turn on the telly in the next room and ruin your spiel? Find somewhere you won’t be interrupted.

Sit by a window – day light is your friend!

As with photography, natural day light is your best option when it comes to video recording. Position yourself facing a window with some nice gentle daylight coming through (we don’t want you squinting looking into the face of the sun). 

No daylight? No worries.

Grab a reading lamp and set it up behind your laptop. This will work better than an overhead light in most cases, but experiment to find an optimal position that means your face is well lit and in focus.

Plug in your laptop

No explanation needed!

Record and rehearse your answers before you record

But if it feels natural to go off script – by all means, go for it!


Be open to embracing the character that comes out naturally

Breath, relax, and enjoy this experience. Let your emotion shine through, let the memories consume you. It doesn’t matter if you trip on your words a bit, we want to capture the natural you. Sometimes slip-ups can make these recordings feel more human and familiar! 

Set yourself up for success with this helpful list and you’ll be ready to make a great video with Memwah! Loved these tips? You can check out our handy animation here!

Ready to record your story?

Video storytelling was never that easy. Add as many questions as you want and start telling your story now.

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